Walt Disney World: Month By Month at a Glance

I frequently get asked, “When is the best time of year to visit Disney World?”  While some months are better than others, there really is no bad time to visit.  Even the worst day at Disney is better than anywhere else.


As of last February, I have officially visited Walt Disney World twelve months out of the year.  This is a general month by month synopsis of the good and the bad of each month.



The month starts out with a bang, but I must admit that my experiences with the early part of January were pleasant.  I don’t know if it was a fluke, but my New Years Day at WDW consisted of very low crowds.  That being said, if possible I would avoid the typical winter break days early in January.  Marathon weekend and Martin Luther King Jr day and weekend draw heavy crowds so I would avoid those.  Everywhere else in January should be smooth sailing.

January at Walt Disney World



February is overall a good time to visit.  Other than the Princess Half Marathon weekend and Presidents’ Day weekend, crowds should be pretty low.  Temperatures can be all over the place.  When I visited, it was in the 80s, but the week prior it was in the 50s.  Plan accordingly.




Easter and Spring Break play a huge factor in  March.  If Easter is in April, then March at Disney is great!  I would avoid Spring Break at all costs.  Flower and Garden Festival begins in March at Epcot and temperatures start to warm up comfortably.

Olivia's Sweet Sixteen.png



April is one of those months that I would probably avoid.  As a child, we often went during spring break and I don’t have any traumatizing memories about crowds, but now I know better.  Spring Break is one of the absolute worst times to visit WDW.  It’s so bad that often the Magic Kingdom schedules TWO afternoon parades.  If you’re going to go in April, plan smart.





May is a decent month to visit.  The crowds have calmed a bit since Spring Break, but the temperatures are on the rise.  Flower and Garden is still going on at Epcot, but kids are still in school so it’s not insanely crowded.   Avoid Memorial Day weekend.

5 Tips onhow to planthe best Girls Weekend Ever.png



We often visit in June.  Why?  Well, my husband is a school administrator and does not have vacation days other than during the summer.  June is my choice out of the summer months because it is the ‘coolest’ of June, July, and August.  Crowds tend to be lower the earlier you visit during the summer (They also drop at mid August).  Temperatures are hot, but bearable.  Also, it’s important to note that Gay Days take place at the very end of May and beginning of June.  If you’re thinking about visiting during this time, it’s important to be aware of Gay Days and check out their website to see their schedule.

May @Disney World (1).png



July is hot.  July is crowded.  I will never forget my first day as a parade performer at the Magic Kingdom being July 4.  We had TWO day parades and TWO night parades.  All four were insanely crowded and the guests looked miserably hot.  If you must visit during July, avoid the 4th (and the days surrounding it) at all costs.  Plan accordingly.  It’s going to be hot and crowded, but with smart planning you can make it work.




August is hot, but the good news is that crowds taper as the month goes on.  Florida schools typically begin at the very beginning of August so that’ll help crowds dwindle sooner than you might expect.  Did I mention it’s hot???  If you’re in a school district that doesn’t start until after Labor Day, I would recommend waiting until the second half of August to visit.

Oh! The places we'll go because of you!.png



September is one of the best times to visit.  Yes, it’s still hot.  Yes, hurricanes do occasionally hit central Florida.  (When I was a cast member in 2004, we had a handful of legit hurricanes.  Take them seriously, but if I can say I’m not scared of them than you shouldn’t)  September kicks off the fall season and Halloween parties begin as well.  Food and Wine is in full swing, and Free Dining is sometimes offered.  Crowds are also at one of their lowest points of the year.  This is primarily because parents are less willing to take their children out of school because the school year just begun.  Avoid Labor Day weekend and surrounding days and you should be all good.





October is another great time to visit.  Food and Wine is in full swing, temperatures are comfortable, and crowds are manageable.  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party takes place at the Magic Kingdom.  Attending the party is a must-do, but plan accordingly.  Magic Kingdom closes early most nights, which can be a drag.

October @ Disney World.png



Other than the week of Thanksgiving, November is fantastic.  Things have transitioned from Halloween to Christmas, but the full Christmas Break crowds haven’t arrived (other than Thanksgiving).  RunDisney events toward the beginning of the month bring in crowds, as does Jersey Week.  If you arrive early enough, you can experience both Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in one vacation.

You're invited to ababy shower for.png




December is a truly magical time to visit Walt Disney World and the first two weeks are absolute bliss!  “Christmas” is more than Christmas as it begins in early November and extends until after the new year.  All of Disney is decorated to the max during December.  Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is at the Magic Kingdom and is on my must do list.

Twelve Ideasfor Celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.png


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