4 Under Rated Attractions at the Magic Kingdom

While the Magic Kingdom has dozens of experiences that are must-dos, there are a few things that are definitely worth skipping.


1.  Tomorrowland Transit Authority (People Mover):  This Tomorrowland attraction whisks guests above Tomorrowland and boasts some unique views.  This is a great opportunity to give your feet a break and just relax and take in the views.  Wait times during the day are minimal, but at night (when Tomorrowland is lit up) lines can get quite long.

TTA- Under Rated Attractions at the Magic Kingdom

2.  Tom Sawyer Island:  Take a boat ride out to his island hideaway and do some exploring!  There are bridges, trails, caves, and secluded docks with rocking chairs that are yours for the taking.  Here, crowds are low and views of the Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain are amazing.

Under Rated Attractions Magic Kingdom Tom Sawyer island

3.  Mickey’s PhilharMagic:  This 3D Fantasyland attractions is not only a great way to beat the heat or an afternoon rainstorm, but this is a super fun attraction.  Put on your opry glasses and sign along to classic songs like “A Whole New World” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King.”

Under Rated Attractions at the Magic Kingdom- Mickey's PhilarMagic

4.  Prince Charming Regal Carrousel:  Long ago, I remember thinking “Why would you waste time riding the carousel when you can do that at a local carnival??”  This carrousel is in the heart of Fantasyland, directly in the shadows of Cinderella Castle.  Lines here are manageable, but worth it.  Nighttime brings a sense of magic and is a must do.

Under Rated Attractions at the Magic Kingdom- Carrousel


Honorable Mention

Railroad: The railroad is currently under refurbishments, but I wanted to note how special this attraction is.  You can board at one of four stations and enjoy a 20 minute round trip perimeter experience of the Magic Kingdom.  You can hop on and off at any of the stops.


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