Welcome to part two of my trip report.  Check out part one if you haven’t done so already.

June 9, 2017

This morning, Braiden and I were up bright and early doing a morning walk at Pop Century.  I got my coffee at the food court with my refillable mug and then headed back to the room when it was time for the girls to get up, 6:30am.  We were out the door by 7am on our way to the Magic Kingdom.  In the past, we’ve done the princess breakfast at Epcot for our first day, but this time we started and ended with Magic Kingdom and really liked that.  This was our firs time riding Disney transport with a single and double stroller.  Our strategy was for me to wear Braiden, carry Catherine, and guide Madeline if needed on the bus while Noah threw the single stroller over his shoulder (purposely bought a stroller with a strap)  and carried the double stroller.  The first bus filled out quickly and we were the second family to not get on it.  Even before the first bus drove away, there was a second bus for Magic Kingdom all ready to go.  We got on just fine and all had seats.  Pop Century is one of the further resorts, since it’s a value resort, and the ride was about 15 minutes.  We arrived at the Magic Kingdom just before 8am for extra magic hours and headed straight for Peter Pan.  Peter Pan has insanely long wait times, but I don’t like to fastness it because the queue is so cute.  We always make a point to do this first thing in the morning so we can enjoy the standby queue without the insane wait time.  After Peter Pan, we met Ariel.


Then we rode the Ariel ride (always a favorite), and then headed over to Dumbo.  So far nothing had any sort of wait time.

Next, the girls took turns riding the Barnstormer while Braiden and I played in the Casey Junior splash pad with whoever wasn’t on Barnstormer.

All of this was done by 9:30am.  Next, we rode the carousel!

Then we watched Philharmagic and checked out the sword and the stone.

Next, we made our way to Princess Fairytale Hall.  First, we met Rapunzel.


Then, we met Princess Tiana.  Previously, Tiana was meeting at a random location so this was the first time we got to meet her with fastpass.

We headed out of Magic Kingdom and back to Pop Century to get the girls ready for their nap.


Braiden and I headed back to the Magic Kingdom and then took the resort monorail to the Polynesian.  We would be meeting up with Noah and the girls at the barber shop at 4pm.  Once Braiden and I got to the Polynesian, we went to Pineapple Lanai and got a Dole Whip.  Braiden didn’t really know what to think of it.


Then, we walked over to the Villas at the Grand Floridan where we actually filled up on complimentary beverages before checking out the main lobby at the Grand Floridan.

Braiden fell asleep as we hopped on the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom.


Braiden and I arrived at the Magic Kingdom and found a spot on Main Street to wait for Festival of Fantasy to begin.

This was my first time watching this parade and though it’s not the same day parade that I performed in, I will always have a strong attachment to the parades at Magic Kingdom.


After the parade, I headed to the Main Street Bakery (aka Starbucks) to get a drink before heading to the Barber Shop.  On our 2015 trip, Madeline got her first hair cut.  On our 2016 trip, Catherine got her first hair cut.  Today, Braiden would get his first hair cut.  Madeline and Catherine would also get cuts too.  This was such a fun experience!  For an insanely reasonable price, we had the entire Barber Shop to ourselves, all three kids got hair cuts, the girls got pixie dust, and Braiden got his first haircut Mickey ears.

Next, it was time to see Mickey!

After Mickey, we waltzed down Main Street and made our way to Casey’s Corner.  Tonight was out surprise Father’s Day/Anniversary present for my husband and that involved food so we didn’t want to have a large dinner.  At Casey’s I found a table outside with the kids while Noah ordered two foot long hotdogs and a corn dog nugget meal.  Despite Madeline’s faux pout, we enjoyed our meal and Braiden made friends with the custodians nearby and convinced them to let him play with their broom.

Full from our hot dogs, we headed to Frontierland to go to Tom Sawyer Island.  We noticed that the boats weren’t running and when we got to the boat dock saw that it closed at 5pm (we arrived at 5:30pm).  I was absolutely shocked because even during our March trip we went to Tom Sawyer Island after 5pm.  Since we were in Frontierland, we decided to take a grand circle tour on the train.  We hadn’t done the train since 2015 but I thought this would be a good chance to slow down for a bit.  The best part of this train ride was that we spotted a real deer hanging out with the fake deer along the train route.

IMG_8034We had some time to kill before our next fastpass so since we were in Frontierland, we headed over to Country Bear Jamboree.  This show cracks us up every time and it’s a great way to get out of the heat.IMG_8039

Next up, we headed to our fastpass for Pirates of the Caribbean.  The kids had never been on this ride before and they all loved it!  After Pirates, we gave Noah his card with a poem that I wrote sharing that we had a surprise for him.  He had no idea what to expect so we followed the clues in the poem at arrived at the Happily Ever After Dessert Party.  This was such a special experience for my family.  We checked in at 7:45pm and were greeted by our host.  She stored our stroller for us so we wouldn’t have to worry about it until after the fireworks.  She then brought us to our table and explained how the party worked before walking us around the party to show us what was offered.  Then, we got our first round of treats.  At the party, they had fruit, cheeses, tons of desserts, and a variety of drinks.  We enjoyed our treats and then went back for more.

At 8:30pm, we filled up a to-go box with treats to bring with us to the garden terrace. When we were all set, we packed up and were escorted to the garden terrace viewing area.  This viewing area was completely fenced in (great with having little ones running around) and was close enough to the castle where we could see all of the projections on the castle.  With just a half hour before the fireworks were set to begin, the kids made some friends and just had fun playing in the garden.  There were a lot of people in the garden, but it wasn’t super crowded.  All the adults sat down in the grass.  This was a million times better than having to stake out a spot in the castle hub and being stuck in a major crowd.

This firework show debuted about a month before our vacation and this was the first time we saw it in person.  I’m a tough customer and this show definitely won me over.  After the fireworks (amazing!!!), we picked up our stroller from the dessert party and headed over to Dumbo for another ride.  This was the kids’ first time riding Dumbo in the dark.


Braiden needed a diaper change so while Noah took care of that, I played with the girls in Casey Junior splash pad and then brought them to Big Top Treats to get a cake pop for being so good today.IMG_8069We started heading out toward the busses.  This is how crowded Main Street was about an hour after fireworks.  We loaded up all three kids plus the double stroller and single stroller onto the bus and made our way back to Pop Century.IMG_8070


June 10, 2017

Today was Epcot day!!  We departed Pop Century nice and early with the girls wearing their princesses dresses (Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland) and waited patiently at the Epcot turnstiles before we were let in just before 8am.  Epcot opened at 9am today and since our breakfast was at 8:05am, we were allowed access into the park before it opened.  Today’s breakfast has become a must-do for all of our Disney vacations.  Once we were allowed to enter Epcot an hour early, we made our way to Norway.  I’m actually 1/4 Norwegian so this pavilion always hits home for me.  We checked in at Akershus and soon met Belle.

IMG_9142.JPGWe love this restaurant (and eat here every year) because it’s a combination of buffet and family style.  We only eat breakfast here because it’s American food.  So we got seated and Noah made a trip to the cold buffet to get some fruit.  Then our hot platter was delivered just before the princesses started visiting.  First up was Princess Aurora!

Then came Ariel!


Up next was Cinderella!

Then came the Princess Processional.  None of my kids ever get into the parades at these meals, but Catherine attempted for a minute to do the parade.



Our last princess was Snow White, who is always a big hit in our family.

Once we finished breakfast, we were escorted onto the Frozen ride even before the park was open.  After the Frozen ride, we got in line to meet Anna and Elsa.

After our short wait, we first met Elsa.


Then, they. met the queen.  Catherine absolutely loved Elsa!


After having some fun in Norway, we headed to Future World where we would have our first experience trying out a rider switch pass.  We arrived at Test Track where Noah checked in with his fastpass and told them that he needed a rider switch pass.  They saw that we had children too short for Test Track so they gave him a rider switch pass.  I then took the kids to the Baby Care Center where we all used the restroom and then I got the girls changed out of their princess dresses and into their regular clothes for the day.  This is my favorite Baby Care Center because I love its central location and it’s never crowded.  I think we were the only family here during this time.  We packed up and the Cast Member offered to give us a huge Disney bag to store our princess dresses in case it rained.  We headed back to Test Track and checked out all of the cars that they have and had some fun with some photo areas they had set up.  [Unfortunately my images from this had expired before writing the trip report.]

Once Noah was finished riding Test Track, he handed me the rider switch pass and Madeline and I got in the fastpass line.  (Note that with the rider switch pass, we were all able to ride Test Track using just one fast pass). This was Madeline’s first time riding this and my first time since they refurbished the ride.

While Madeline and I were on Test Track, Noah took Catherine to the nearby splash pad. Braiden quickly fell asleep.  When we finished the ride, we checked out the Fountain of Nations and Noah took the girls in to grab me a Starbucks while I hung out with Braiden while he slept.  We were taking out time to our next fastpass to let Braiden sleep as long as possible.  Eventually, we checked in at the Character Spot with our fast passes where we met Minnie, Goofy, and Mickey.



The last stop for our morning at Epcot was the Imagination Pavillon.  We rode Journey into Imagination with Figment and then had some fun exploring the pavilion.  Catherine and I also had some fun with the photo booth there.  These pictures are included with Memory Maker.


We headed out of Epcot and I dropped Noah and the girls off at Pop Century.  Noah and I headed to Dollar Tree and Super Target.  I was still suffering from a massive sinus infection and needed some medicine (which I ended up never taking).  I also needed to grab a new cheap laundry basket.  We came back and Braiden and I had a nice walk around our resort.

We headed back to Epcot for the evening.


First up was Spaceship Earth.  Braiden slept through it all.  Then we had a fast pass for Living with the Land.  This attraction typically has low wait times, but last time we were here Soarin was down for refurbishment and the line here ended up being insanely long.  I promised myself that we’d get a fast pass this time to avoid the line.  Afterward, Madeline and I had fast passes for Soarin.  We were excited because I had never rode the new version (it opened shortly after our last trip) and Madeline had never been tall enough before.


After Soarin, we headed to Nemo and Seas, which we always love.  Then, we headed into the Crush attraction.  The kids absolutely love that.  We skipped the actual Seas tanks and headed straight to Crush.  The girls sat up front with the other kids.  I let Braiden climb around a bit in the back, but he was fine.  Then, we headed to World Showcase and went straight to France.  We checked the schedule for the movie and saw that we had enough time to eat first and then see the movie.  Noah got in line at Les Halles while I found us seats.  The only thing I don’t like here is the lack of seating.  Usually we just take our food outside and find a bench, but we appreciated the air conditioning so we wanted to sit inside.  We ordered a croquet monsieur and a jambon buerre.  We split these two sandwiches among the five of us because we had lots of snacks packed plus we were going to buy another snack soon.  After eating, I took the girls to the France movie while Noah let Braiden run around the pavilion.  After the movie, the girls got Duffies at the Kidcot station and they took come time to start coloring them.

Then, we moved on to the United Kingdom pavilion and the girls ran through the hedge maze before checking out the Kidcot station.

The last pavilion we visited today was Canada.  The Kidcot station was closed by the time we got there, so we had some fun exploring the water and gardens at this pavilion.

After Canada, we wrapped up our evening at World Showcase by enjoying a cronut.  These always remind me of our trip when I was pregnant with Braiden and we stayed at the Boardwalk.  Noah ran into Epcot every night just to get me one of these.  We started making out way out of the park and stopped by the light up sidewalks.  We weren’t staying for Illuminations tonight because we had a second day at Epcot planned for later in the trip.


We said good-bye to Epcot the night and headed back to Pop Century with the intent of having a relaxing evening.  Unfortunately we found [more] cockroaches in our roman were at the point where we really felt uncomfortable with the situation.  Noah headed to the front desk to request a new room and I took the kids to the pool to watch Brave while we swam.



Our new room was a brand new refurbished room.  We were the first people to stay in this room!  It was so new that there was still painters tape up!



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